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A simple preparation

Mix and let infuse. As simple as that.

1. Add Alcohol to the line. Full the rest of the bottle of fresh cold water.

2. Close the cap and shake for 5 seconds.

3. Let infuse in the fridge for at least 1 hour.

4. Remove the bag and serve.

A natural product

Only good ingredients

Our products have been developed by experts using quality and all-natural ingredients so you can concentrate on the essential, creating cocktails worthy of the greatest bars. Simply. Cheers!

An innovative team


The team of entrepreneurs behind the Atelier bistro and the Ophélia restaurant in Quebec City, launched in March 2020 Odevi Infused Cocktails. A response to their desire to offer house cocktails worthy of the greatest bars with ease. It is with an innovative infusion technique and the close collaboration of local companies that these mixology enthusiasts have succeeded in creating superior quality, eco-responsible and 100% natural products. The essence of Odevi Cocktails is found in the simplicity and happiness of enjoying a good cocktail with those you love. #infuseyourthirst