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Cocktails for festive evenings! 🎉

With Saint-Jean approaching, we thought it was the perfect time to reveal our best-kept secret. How to receive BIG with Odevi?

For your evenings with friends, a day at the beach or a pool party, receive your guests properly with succulent cocktails.

Prepare cocktails simply for a party!

With Odevi, entertaining has never been easier! Indeed, prepare a "party size punch" of your favorite cocktail in 2 steps: 1) Add alcohol and water 2) Mix and let infuse.

What you will need:
â—Ź A bowl that can hold more than 2 litres;
â—Ź 6 refills of your favorite cocktail;
â—Ź One bottle (26 oz) of spirits;
â—Ź 2 liters of water
â—Ź Ice cream
â—Ź Fruit to decorate

The method :
1) In the bowl, place the contents of the 6 refills;
2) Pour the bottle of spirits (26 oz - 750 ml) 
3) Add 4 cups (2 L) of water
4) Leave to infuse in the fridge for 1 hour
5) Add ice, fruit and serve