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Trucs et astuces, idées recettes et articles pour
vous aider à créer les meilleurs cocktails maison!

Posts tagged: Recettes

Cocktails for festive evenings! 🎉

With Saint-Jean approaching, we thought it was the perfect time to reveal our best-kept secret. How to receive BIG with Odevi? For your evenings with friends, a day at the beach or a pool party, receive your guests properly with succulent cocktails. Prepare cocktails simply for a party! With Odevi,...

A "clever" non-alcoholic cocktail!

In partnership with Clever Mocktails, we present to you a simply delicious alcohol-free cocktail recipe. Indeed, the Clever team offers several non-alcoholic beverage solutions, including an alcohol-free gin.  We've tried their blend of infused and distilled botanical extracts to create an alcohol-free Gimlet, and the results are simply amazing.  What...

Our comforting cocktail recipes

Our mixologists had fun creating 4 comforting cocktail recipes. In fact, every year, when heading quietly towards winter, Odevi goes into "cozy" mode.  So light up a Martini Litchi scented candle, run a hot bath, put a Daiquiri bath bomb and try one of these cocktail recipes.  _   Cranberry...

It's Sangria season!

We present you a "twist" that will completely transform your Odevi cocktails!  The infusion technique we have developed turns out to be the perfect basis for creating a refreshing sangria! After all, a real sangria is made with sugar, wine and a fruit infusion! Here are 3 receipts easy to recreate for...

Bubbly is better!

In the same spirit of simplicity that marks each of our Odevi products, we’re sharing some recipes that are easy to create at home with our cocktails. Why not make your cocktails a little more festive by adding bubbles?