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A "clever" non-alcoholic cocktail!

In partnership with Clever Mocktails, we present to you a simply delicious alcohol-free cocktail recipe. Indeed, the Clever team offers several non-alcoholic beverage solutions, including an alcohol-free gin. 

We've tried their blend of infused and distilled botanical extracts to create an alcohol-free Gimlet, and the results are simply amazing. 

What you need : 

Clever Wild Blueberry Gimlet

What you will need:

The method : 

  1. Pour Clever Non-Alcoholic Gin into the Odevi Gimlet Wild Blueberry Bottle to the height of the alcohol line. 
  2. Fill the bottle with water. 
  3. Leave to infuse for 1 hour in the cold. 
  4. Serve in a cup decorated with lemon zest or dehydrated lemon. 

To make this cocktail you need our Gimlet, get a bottle or a recharge.