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3 ways to create a mocktail with Odevi! 🍸✨

Our Odevi cocktails are created in accordance with the sacred rules of mixology. By using natural and quality ingredients, we are able to bring out all the flavors and aromas of the cocktail. Our products are therefore found to be very versatile. We are often asked if our cocktails are as good without alcohol. The answer is yes! 

There are several ways to create a "mocktail" with our range of infused cocktails. 

the simplistic 

The easiest way is definitely to omit the alcohol from the recipe, and make the infusion with just water. Water, that's all! 

The sparkling 

Once your cocktail has been infused with water, you can top it off with a soda to add a sparkling touch! 

The favorite 

Several local companies have embarked on the creation of delicious non-alcoholic spirits. We also suggest a “clever” recipe in partnership with Clever mocktails. 

Discover the recipe here 

No matter your reason for looking for non-alcoholic drink options, we're proud to be able to offer you a range of delicious cocktails that can be easily turned into mocktails! 


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