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A cocktail infused in 5 minutes!

Did you forget to infuse your favorite Odevi cocktail and it's 5 p.m.? Do not panic! Your happy hour can still take place. Here is our “Top secret” solution to infuse your cocktail in just 5 minutes. 
1 ) Using a kettle, heat some water. 
2) Pour the alcohol into the Odevi bottle up to the line. 
3) Pour the heated water to 2/3 of the bottle. 
2) Close the cap and shake very gently. (Be careful, it's hot! )
3) Allow to infuse on the counter for 5 minutes. (like a tea)
4) Fill the rest of the bottle with ice. 
Warning: It is very important to be careful, as the water is hot, stir very gently so as not to burn yourself!