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Your favorite cocktails in Eco-Chic mode! 🍸

Having a social and environmental responsibility as a company is a wise choice that we made. We are continually learning and developing initiatives to have the most positive impact on our environment.

We work in collaboration with local companies who share the same values as us. For example, it is Anhydra, a Drummondville company that naturally dehydrates our fruits and Camellia Sinensis which bags these. Not to mention all our local suppliers who contribute to the success of our business. 

the TAQ Group, a socio-professional insertion company for people with functional limitations takes care of the packing of our products. 

We also make sure to reduce our ecological footprint from production to consumption. Not only are our bottles made of glass, but our bags of dried fruit are compostable! 

In addition, we strongly encourage you to keep your Odevi bottle to reuse it with our refills. A small eco gesture that feels good. Our refills have been created entirely for this purpose of reuse. 

More recently we put our luxury reusable bottle ! 

This bottle with integrated infuser is just perfect for preparing your Odevi cocktails. Just get the refills of your favorite cocktails, pour the contents of the bag into the bottom of the bottle, insert the bag into the infuser, add the alcohol to the line and fill the rest of the bottle with 'Cold water.

Get it now here.